Commercial Polytunnels available with choice of polythene with up to 8 Year UV warranty

Published On: August 15th, 2023By 1.7 min readCategories: News

Five Star Polytunnels make their commercial polytunnels from high tensile steel and are available in different widths ranging from 18ft (5.5m) to 30ft (9.1m)

We have sold our Five Star commercial polytunnels for many uses: Dog exercise areas, boat workshops, sheep housing,  calf housing, cut flowers, fruit and vegetables.

All of our Five Star commercial polytunnels are sold with polythene supplied by XL Horticulture. The leading importer of top quality polythene in the UK. The polythene  range offers covers that allow shading, ideal for animals or shade loving plants, Polythene that reflects some of the heat ideal for dog exercise, where as much natural light is needed as possible, without the heat, polythene which cuts out certain elements of the light spectrum, decreasing chances of mould and mildew and the new Sunmaster Superthermic with a built in anti condensation layer, thermic properties and an 8yr UV warranty

All of our commercial tunnels come with ground tubes made from extra thick steel as this is the bit sitting in the ground and is more suspectable to rust than the hoops structure, the design offers a unique jacking system allowing the polythene to be tensioned to the maximum.

We offer a personal service, the phone will be answered by Chris or Caroline, your tunnel will be made by Chris and Steff, your components will be picked by Caroline and your tunnel will be delivered by Chris or Steff. Chris and Caroline have personal experience of constructing the tunnels and growing in tunnels and if you are local enough you can visit our showroom and see the tunnels in action.

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