Commercial Polytunnels

Five Star Polytunnels supply commercial polytunnels in Wales and across the mainland UK, starting at 18ft wide and going up to 30ft wide polytunnels. From large-scale hobbyists and garden centres to dog training areas, we have over 15 years of experience designing, manufacturing and constructing commercial high-quality galvanised steel framed polytunnels for various growing industries and many others. Using the finest durable materials made within Wales, all our commercial structures are designed to withstand the severe windy Welsh weather conditions in our area, providing ultimate protection to your crops and plants or whatever else you want to protect. Our polytunnels are made from Z35 High Tensile British Steel frames, with extra strong ground tubes and a unique design allowing the polythene to be further tensioned, ensuring long-lasting durable protection from your polytunnel for at least 5 years.

Choose your commercial polytunnel kit width below, then choose the options to personalise.

16ft (4.9m) Wide

18ft (5.5m) Wide

24ft (7.3m) Wide

Five Star Polytunnel for Cut Flowers

30ft (9.1m) Wide

A commercial polytunnel can help by extending the range of plants it is possible to grow, by lengthening the growing season and by providing protection from the elements. Commercial polytunnels offer the chance to expand growing areas or diversify when it comes to what is grown. There is a range of commercial polytunnels for sale that will suit everyone from smallholders to large-scale farmers and which will offer suitable, practical solutions to a range of different growing problems. Commercial polytunnel prices can be recouped in a few short years. For many businesses, a commercial polytunnel makes excellent financial and business sense.

Our polytunnels are perfect for commercial use, for large scale hobbyists and garden centres to dog training areas in varying sizes from 16ft to 30ft wide and various lengths.

Our commercial polytunnel kits are easy to build yourself or contact us for details of third-party commercial polytunnel construction specialists.