Polytunnel Accessories & Fixings

In order to get the most out of your polytunnel, there are accessories, fixtures and fittings which can add to the functionality and usefulness. Staging and crop bars in particular can not only strengthen your polytunnel but can also improve your work surface areas.

Our accessories are sold as optional extras when purchasing a polytunnel kit from us. If you would like to purchase individual fixings and accessories please contact us for a shipping quotation.

Crop Bars

Crop Bars are an essential addition in your Polytunnel. Made from galvanised steel, they are fixed across the hoops above head height and can be used to support climbing crops like tomatoes, suspend hanging baskets or support overhead irrigation kits. Crop bars will also help to strengthen the structure, providing extra protection against heavy winds on particularly exposed locations.

This option is for Individual Crop Bars for use with Five Star Polytunnels but can also be adapted for other makes of polytunnels with hoops of the same diameter. Please select your Polytunnel Width, the size of ‘P Clip’ required that matches your hoop diameter and simply enter the quantity of Crop Bars you require.

Please Note – Crop bars should only be installed on the internal hoops and should not be placed on the two-end hoops. For example, if you have a 10ft (3.1m) wide by 25ft (7.62m) long Polytunnel with six hoops you can only have crop bars installed on the four middle hoops out of the total six hoops.

Number of Hoops in your kit Max number of crop bars
3 1
4 2
5 3
6 4
7 5
8 6
9 7
10 8
11 9
12 10
Number of Hoops in your kit Max number of crop bars
13 11
14 12
15 13
16 14
17 15
18 16
19 17
20 18
21 19
22 20

Staging Supports

The staging support consists of two tubes, one horizontal and one diagonal fixed to the hoop. The tube is galvanised high-tensile steel

They will support any design of shelving or work bench and can be adjusted to a personal working height.

The Staging Support sets are fixed easily to a minimum of two adjacent hoops. The staging sets can be fitted along the length[s] of your polytunnel, or just across one bay.

Anchor Plates

Anchor Plates are an alternative to concreting in ground tubes into soft ground, and are used to hold or anchor each ground tube in the soil.

Five Star Polytunnels supply a square heavy duty metal anchor plate with two fixings for each ground tube. Each ground tube has to have an anchor plate. The ground tube goes through the centre of the anchor plate and is fixed in place with clips either side, a few inches above the lower end of the ground tube. Each ground tube with its own anchor plate is installed at the required equidistant intervals.

We sell them in two different sizes depending on the size of your polytunnel.

Base Plates

Base Plates are chosen for a concrete or solid timber base i.e. where no soil is being used.

The plate is positioned on each hoop end, so ground tubes are not required.

They are supplied with four concrete fixing screws and are available in four different sizes (25mm, 32mm, 50mm and 60mm tubing) to suit your hoops.

A Base Rail is used to hold the polythene all around the polytunnel. The base rail comprises tannalised timber and battens.

You need two base plates for each hoop. For example, if your polytunnel has 6 hoops you will need to purchase 12 base plate sets.

Extension Legs

Extension Legs are a speciality and not listed on our cart system. They are provided for customers who require additional height within their polytunnels for example, steam engine renovation, working on boats, etc. The ground to be used for assembly maybe for raised beds for a disabled customer. Sometimes the chosen site is steep on one side only

Timber Door & Vent Panels

Standard Door

Centrally braced 6.3 ft tannalised wooden door made from 2″ x 2″ timber with corner strengthening. Includes T hinge top & bottom, bolt for closing, screws and trellis batten for fixing polythene. Available in 3ft or 4ft wide.

Drop-Down Vent Panel

Five Star polytunnels’ unique drop down panel can be made to any size to fit your door frame. Works well alongside the standard 3ft or 4ft door.

The option includes an extra centre post of 3″ x 2″ timber for fixing panel, bolts. hinges and screws.

This panel allows full airflow through your tunnel, whilst keeping your human entrance door closed and keeping pests, dogs, children, chickens etc out.