dark evenings and still working in five star polytunnels scienceAnimal Housing using a polytunnel provides and inexpensive and high quality shelter protecting your livestock from the elements all the year round

Benefits of Livestock Polytunnels/Animal Housing

Excellent Value – Polytunnels are an inexpensive and highly effective alternative to animal sheds and livestock barns

Livestock Shelter – Polytunnels are excellent for many types of animal such as sheep cattle and goats and also for poultry

sheep polytunnel ewe in pen with lamb in livestock five star polytunnel Weather Protection – Your livestock will be sheltered in housing that withstands extreme weather conditions

Animal Protection – Vulnerable animals such as newborn lambs often need sheep housing for additional protection

Profitability Increases – Animal polytunnels help increase your livestock’s profitability as nutritional requirements are less for warmer, housed animals

Reduce Stress – Housing animals helps to reduce their stress, and yours

farm machinery used and stored in livestock five star polytunnelControl Feed – Livestock polytunnels help you control your animals’ feed intake

Control Disease – Animal housing polytunnels make it easier for you to spot signs of disease, especially in young animals

Storage – Your polytunnel can also be used to store hay, straw, and equipment for livestock

The polytunnels’ range of widths (18 feet, and 24 feet) and lengths ranging from 21 feet to over 100 feet mean a total sheltered floor area of between 378 and 3,150 square feet, providing you with greater flexibility and protection for housing your cattle, sheep or poultry.

over eighty ewes and lambs in this livestock five star polytunnelDEFRA gives standards for spacing and housing facilities, including watering, feed troughs and partitions to help divide and handle a flock.

Click here for the Animal Housing Technical Guidelines 7 7 15

Choose your animal housing polytunnel kit

  • 18ft (5.5m) Wide Animal Housing Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £2217.00

  • 24ft (7.4m) Wide Animal Housing Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £3313.00

  • 30ft (9.1m) Wide Animal Housing Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £4096.00