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Five Star Polytunnels

We are a family business, based in Wales offering top quality steel framed polytunnels delivering across the United Kingdom.

Chris or Caroline will see you through your purchase from start to finish. From your showroom visit to you door step delivery. Although based in Wales, we offer UK-wide coverage for the sales of polytunnels, covers, and other polytunnel accessories direct to your garden.

Whether you’re a hobby gardener or commercial grower, you can choose from our wide range of polytunnels, from smaller 8ft wide polytunnels right up to 30ft wide structures.

Polytunnel in garden surrounded by green and trees

Polytunnel Kits for Growing

sheep sheltering in green coloured polytunnel

Animal Housing Kits

Polythene Polytunnel Cover

Polythene Covers

Adhesive polytunnel tape

Adhesive Tapes

Featured Products

Polytunnel Buying Guide

What you should know before buying a polytunnel

Polytunnel Polythene Options

We offer several different varieties with different properties for different uses.

Polytunnel Assembly Methods

Understand the different options for securing your polytunnel.

Latest News

The latest news, announcements and information from Five Star Polytunnels

Grow Your Own

Fight the cost of living crisis.

With the cost of living and food bills rising, why not start on the road to self sufficiency with one of our Five Star Polytunnels. Not only will you be saving money by growing your own produce, you will be able to involve the whole family and teach children about growing healthy vegetables and organic food.

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