Polytunnel Kits

Our domestic & commercial polytunnel kits are the perfect choice for growers looking to extend the growing season. There is a range of different polytunnels for sale that will allow gardeners to create an undercover growing area and produce more of their own delicious, fresh food and beautiful plants. Those lucky enough to have their own garden will find it so much easier to grow a range of fruits, vegetables and flowers when they choose a domestic polytunnel. Likewise, those with allotments will find that an allotment polytunnel is just the ticket for boosting production and making the most of every inch. Allotment polytunnels will offer protection and peace of mind in the unpredictable UK weather. So, whether you’ve just secured an allotment or you’re growing produce on a commercial level, you’re in the right place. Shop by size when you browse our selection of polytunnels and polytunnel kits for sale

Choose your polytunnel kit width below, then choose the options to personalise.

Polytunnel in garden surrounded by green and trees

8ft (2.4m) Wide

10ft (3m) Wide

12ft (3.7m) Wide

14ft (4.3m) Wide

16ft (4.9m) Wide

18ft (5.5m) Wide

24ft (7.3m) Wide

Five Star Polytunnel for Cut Flowers

30ft (9.1m) Wide

At Five Star Polytunnels, we provide high quality domestic & commercial polytunnel kits with high quality components, designed to help crops to thrive. Our polytunnels are made from Z35 High Tensile British Steel frames, with extra strong ground tubes and a unique design allowing the polythene to be further tensioned, ensuring longlasting durable protection from your polytunnel for at least 5 years.

Our polytunnel kits are available in varying sizes from 8ft wide up to 30ft wide, ensuring that we have a polytunnel for everyone from hobby growers up to commercial needs.