SunMaster CrystalTherm

From £9.65 (per metre)

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SunMaster CrystalTherm Polythene

Prices are per metre.

Cutting charges apply as follows: 5-10m length = £20, 11-19m = £10, 20m and above = £0.

Please note that certain ranges have limited roll widths available. This may mean you need to buy a larger width which may result in an excess of material. Always choose a roll width which is larger than your cover width requirements.

Unsure what size polythene you need? Use our polythene calculator here


SteriLite SuperThermic Specification
UV guaranteed life 6 years
Life expectancy 10 Years
Thickness 180mu
Diffusion Very Low
Frost Protection High
Light transmission >92%
UV transmission No
Anti Mist / Drip Yes
Thermicity <21%
Temperature reducing No
Total UV (300-390nms) 50%


Additional information

Weight 150 kg

Unsure what size polythene you need?

Measure your polytunnel following our diagram and note down the measurements for A, B and C. Enter the information into our calculator and it will work out the size of sheet you will need in order to cover your structure.

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