Livestock Shelter Polytunnel Kits

Creating a livestock shelter by using a polytunnel provides an inexpensive and high-quality shelter protecting your livestock from the elements all year round. Designed with ease of stock management and maintaining the ongoing good health of your livestock in mind. Polytunnels are an inexpensive and highly effective alternative to animal sheds and livestock barns. When not in use for livestock they can also be used for storage. The polytunnels’ range of widths (18 feet, and 24 feet) and lengths ranging from 21 feet to over 100 feet mean a total sheltered floor area of between 378 and 3,150 square feet, providing you with greater flexibility and protection for housing your cattle, sheep or poultry. You can choose the size of Polytunnel that best suits your livestock requirements.

Choose your polytunnel width below, then choose the options to personalise.