Buyers Guide

If you’re thinking of investing in a polytunnel, then you’re in the right place. In this guide, we have all the necessary information for those who are completely new to the world of polytunnels. We also have useful care and repair tips for those of you who have been using polytunnels for a while.

We’re here to help you in your journey in finding the polytunnel for you. We also have a range of useful information on how to install and manage your polytunnel when you get it.

What is a Polytunnel?

A polytunnel is an elongated semi-circular shaped tunnel. It is most often constructed using steel and is covered in a polythene cover. Polytunnels come in a range of sizes and are used to keep plants, vegetables and fruits warm enough to grow in temperate regions. It can also enable you to grow fruits, vegetables, and plants out of season.

Within the polythene tunnel, the temperature and humidity are higher. Crops and plants are also covered which means they are not exposed to heat, cold, rain, wind and strong sunlight therefore, they will continue to flourish even during adverse weather conditions. There are many benefits to owning a polytunnel but one is the fact that as a semi-permanent structure, they can be moved if necessary to another location in your garden, unlike a greenhouse.

Growing herbs, fruits and vegetable crops has never been easier with a polytunnel.

How does a polytunnel work?

The materials that are used to build polytunnels result in the interior of the tunnel heating up from solar rays. The hot air and humidity are contained in the building by the structure and the polythene covers, so it creates a microclimate for the plants to grow. You can control the temperature and humidity levels of a polytunnel by using either the equipment inside it or by manually adjusting the vents.

In the larger and more advanced polytunnels, there is enough space to allow harvesting machines inside to automate production. This is commonly the practice in commercial polytunnels. It has been done to cultivate production of soft fruits in the United Kingdom, such as strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

Why buy a polytunnel?

Cheaper than glasshouses – A polytunnel is far cheaper per square metre than glass houses as well as being safer. For the same price as a small greenhouse, you can have a much larger polytunnel and more growing space!

Excellent Value – You will get your money back after two to three seasons as crops are so prolific and the seasons are extended. Soft fruit such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries can be grown for most of the year, as can many other crops.

Weather Protection – Have fun as a grower in a pleasant working environment trying varieties of crops that would normally not succeed or flourish outside

Animal Protection – Polytunnels can be closed on both ends, keeping out animals such as deer, rabbits, dogs, cats and birds. You can also protect animals inside your polytunnel over winter

Control Disease – The controlled atmosphere means that your plants can be better protected from diseases such as botrytis and mildew. Soil-born pests may be identified and dealt with.

Food production – Better crop yield, ease of supply, and year-round food production means more food, whether you’re selling, eating, or both

Better for the Environment – Reduce your food waste, reduce your mileage, and know exactly where your food has come from, your own polytunnel

Nutritional Benefits – You are able to pick crops straight from your polytunnel, then prepare and enjoy a delicious meal using vegetables and fruits you raised

What is the price of a polytunnel?

The price for polytunnels can differ greatly depending on whether they are domestic or commercial polytunnels. This largely relates to the difference in size required for domestic and commercial purposes. Domestic polytunnels are what people growing plants or fruits in their home or allotment use in an effort to extend their gardening period over the colder months. Purchasing a domestic polytunnel means that you can protect your fruits, flowers, and vegetables from the British weather as and when needed. Commercial polytunnels are used by farmers and those who are producing food for commercial purposes, again for protection against the weather and to extend the growing period.

All the prices indicated below are inclusive of VAT on Five Star Polytunnels and are starting prices for the standard product without options.

Domestic Polytunnels Prices From
8ft (2.44m) wide £460.00
10ft (3.05m) wide £484.00
12ft (3.66m) wide £526.00
14ft (4.27m) wide £866
Commercial Polytunnels Prices From
16ft (4.88m) wide £1486
18ft (5.49m) wide £1863
20ft (6.10m) wide £1928
22ft (6.71m) wide £2010
24ft (7.32m) wide £2144
26ft (7.92m) wide £3107
28ft (8.53m) wide £3264
30ft (9.14m) wide £3416

Are cheap polytunnels any good?

In short, as with anything, you get what you pay for! If you buy good quality you may only need buy once. If you buy cheaply you may end up replacing sooner rather than later, giving false economy.

So, you might be wondering how much you really need to spend on a polytunnel. Would a cheaper one do the job just as well?

We’d recommend that you invest the required money into your polytunnel to get the best value for your money. Ensure that you purchase it from a credible polytunnel manufacturer rather than trying to save money and potentially investing in a substandard structure. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the most expensive option, but the materials used need to be strong and durable enough to offer your plants the necessary protection.

If you don’t invest in a high-quality polytunnel, you may find yourself losing more money in the long term if you are unable to protect your crops. This is especially true for when a polytunnel is being used to grow plants, fruits, and vegetables on a larger scale for commercial purposes.

When you are planning what you will spend on your polytunnel, you also need to budget for any accessories or spare parts that you may need. The extras can often add up over time so it often makes sense to buy what you know you’ll need upfront.

Why buy a Polytunnel from Five Star Polytunnels?

Five Star Polytunnels uses Z35 tensile steel to manufacture it’s polytunnels offering a high-quality, long-lasting robust end product.

With more than 25 years of combined experience in constructing and working in polytunnels, in one of the windiest areas of the UK, we are able to offer a personal, bespoke service. Chris or Caroline will see you through your purchase from start to finish.

As well as service and advice up to delivery, you can also call our 7-day-a-week self-construction helpline should you need additional construction advice!

Our ground tubes are made from double thick-walled heavy gauge steel, offering a longer life, rather than the inadequate option of using the same gauge steel for both hoops and ground tubes often found in inferior products. Our design allows the hoops to be ‘jacked’ after covering, providing a skin-tight finish that is essential to the longevity of your structure. Our smaller tunnels have 2 piece hoops, offering a stronger structure, without the need of any unnecessary additional bracing.

Best of all if you reside in Wales, delivery is FREE! UK-wide delivery is also available for a delivery cost.

Choose your polytunnel kit

  • 8ft (2.4m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £460.00

  • 10ft (3.1m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £460.00

  • 12ft (3.7m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £618.00

  • 14ft (4.3m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £709.00

  • 16ft (5.5m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £1413.00

  • 18ft (5.5m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £1413.00

  • 24ft (7.4m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £2407.00

  • 30ft (9.1m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £4669.00