QUESTIONS and ANSWERS Five Star Polytunnels are always pleased to answer any query you may have. Many customers have all sorts of reasons for choosing a polytunnel, so this web page helps you understand the advantages and pleasure a polytunnel will bring you. Run down the list then look on the page to find the answer to your query, or please do contact us

  1. What can I grow in my Polytunnel?
  2. I live in an exposed area, would your polytunnel still be standing after a gale?
  3. Have you any suggestions for choosing the right site for me?
  4. I am not that brilliant at DIY, is your polytunnel kit easy to build?
  5. My ground is uneven and on a slope, is that okay?
  6. Are there hidden extras?
  7. How can I work out the steel accessories?
  8. How do I determine the size I need?
  9. Can I heat the polytunnel?
  10. Can I put live stock in?
  11. I need more space so can your polytunnel be moved, and could I add more sections?
  12. Are there different types of polythene?
  13. I just want to get another polythene cover, is that okay?
  14. Polythene Repair Tape please?


What can I grow in my polytunnel?

The ground has got to be prepared as you would your garden, then nearly every crop you could think of will grow in a polytunnel. Using a polytunnel provides more warmth and extended seasons  so from potatoes to peaches, from marrows to melons, from tomatoes to tarragon, you can experiment with almost any crop!

I live in an exposed area, would your polytunnel still be standing after a gale?

Our polytunnels are of an excellent design and made from top quality materials, so they will certainly withstand most poor weather conditions, including gales, provided they are installed correctly.  We use genuine British Standard Z35 high tensile steel and the hoops are curved by our machine, not by hand. Commercial growers could not run their businesses if their polytunnels got spoiled, so high quality polytunnels like ours are a must. Additional hoops and ridge bracing supports are available for added security. Crop bar sets provide additional ridge bracing. During wintry conditions it is important to remove snow daily with a brush as snow weighs a lot.

Have you any suggestions for choosing the right site for me ?

It depends on the choices you have. Ideally, the priority is the light – morning light  as all the year round.  If wind is a severe problem, face the polytunnel length against the prevailing wind as  has the largest surface area. Open or close the doors both ends if getting breezy! Water access is important, some of our customers never need to water, others have a timer on their pipe supply. Don’t site too near trees or hedges as the shadows mean the crops may grow leggy, and you will want to go around the outside with a wheel barrow etc

I am not that brilliant at DIY, is your polytunnel kit easy to build?

We think so. We provide at the time of your purchase step by step assembly instructions. Do contact us by e-mail or telephone if you want to discuss your situation prior to purchase, or afterwards. The majority of the range of smaller polytunnel kits are assembled in a day. The commercial polytunnel kits take longer

My ground is uneven, and on a slope, is this okay ?

Yes.  We suggest if a steep slope then the polytunnel is assembled upright, ie vertical, to the slope. Some customers create a number of  beds at different levels inside. We can provide longer ground tubes or hoop extension legs

Are there hidden extras?

No. Your polytunnel kit comes complete and includes all the steel structure, fixings, Anti Hot Spot Tape and an XL Horticulture UV guaranteed polythene cover.  Sufficient polythene is provided for the door covering as part of all the polytunnel kits. Door Frame Timber and Doors are an optional extra. A timber Base Rail to trap the polythene instead of using a trench is extra, as clips timber and batten are needed. Steel accessories are an optional extra such as Crop Bar sets, Base rail sets, Base Plates, Anchor Plates. Please contact us to discuss accessories at the time of ordering

How can I work out the steel accessories

First of all work out the polytunnel size you would like to buy, let’s say for example a 14 feet width  x 36 feet length, this has 7 hoops. The maximum number of Crop Bar sets you can have is 5, as the door frames get in the way for the end hoops. For Base rail sets, used when having a timber Base Rail, then count the number of hoops, 7, double it makes 14, this equals the number of ground tubes,  add 4 extra for the corners so a total of 18. For Base plates, no ground tubes are needed, count the number of hoop ends, this is 14. For Anchor Plates, count the number of hoops and double it for the ground tube total, again 14. Do contact us to double check as sometimes only one side of the polytunnel may need a Base rail set, or Base plates or Anchor Plates

 How do I determine the size I need?

A percentage of ground is lost to pathways. You may want to store items in it, so space is lost for the extra room and flexibility. If you think of what you need and double it, as a farmer friend of ours did for his shed, then it will be big enough to be useful for many years!

Can I heat the polytunnel?

Yes, the polythene cover is of commercial strength and will not burn. Usually only a small area is heated else it can be expensive.  Direct the heat at the plants and not the polythene film!

Can I put livestock in?

Yes, provided that the polythene cover or the shade vent netting at the sides is protected from the animals. Some customers do their  lambing for two to three months of the year then grow crops. We also sell livestock/ animal housing polytunnels that are purpose built

I need more space, so can your polytunnel be moved, and could I add more sections?

Yes.  We suggest that you talk to us first to discuss your installation.  The polythene would need to be replaced, and you may need more ground tubes.

Are there different types of polythene?

Yes. The polythene we provide as part of our kit is very advanced technically, and is guaranteed for several years, some growers replace them after up to ten years. We do supply alternatives. Please talk to us about any special requirements you may have at the time of your purchase.

I just want to get another cover, is that okay?

Yes, we would be pleased to supply a replacement cover to your measurements. The polythene is wrapped for delivery in a roll of extra strong polythene. The polythene  is oblong in shape and pleated. It is important to put the polythene on the “right way ” as the additives, including Anti drip and Anti fog, are on the inside of the polytunnel. We also supply Anti Hot Spot Tape to cover the steel structure, and Anti Hot Spot Repair tape to go over existing Anti Hot Spot Tape.

I am worried about tearing the cover accidentally, what do I do then?

We supply Polythene Repair Tape by post; this will patch up most tears and rips in the polythene.