Sunmaster Diffused Polythene

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Sunmaster Diffused Polythene

Benefits from an 8-year UVI package with a 5-year UVI breakdown guarantee and contains a special anti-drip additive (AF) to reduce condensation in the tunnel. It incorporates the latest (MLLDPE) SuperStrength polymer technology to give a film which is more gale resistant than some films which are up to 50% thicker and with a light transmission of 89 %. It extends the season in the Autumn and brings it forward in Spring and even though it is not a SuperThermic cover it will give some Frost protection as well. It will also be cooler inside your tunnel in hot weather than clear films. Its ability to allow the same amount of UV into the tunnel as your plants get outside gives speedier rooting and stronger bushier plants. Research has shown that edible crops grown under full UV conditions contain more antioxidants than crops grown under normal polythene or glass.

Prices are per metre.

Cutting charges apply as follows: 5-10m length = £20, 11-19m = £10, 20m and above = £0.

Please note that certain ranges have limited roll widths available. This may mean you need to buy a larger width which may result in an excess of material. Always choose a roll width which is larger than your cover width requirements.

Unsure what size polythene you need? Use our polythene calculator here


SunMaster Diffused Specification
UV guaranteed life 5 years
Life expectancy 8+ Years
Thickness 150mu
Diffusion Medium
Frost Protection Medium
Light transmission 89%
UV transmission Yes
Anti Mist / Drip Yes
Thermicity N/A
Temperature reducing Yes
Total UV (300-390nms) <60%


Additional information

Weight 150 kg

Unsure what size polythene you need?

Measure your polytunnel following our diagram and note down the measurements for A, B and C. Enter the information into our calculator and it will work out the size of sheet you will need in order to cover your structure.

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