Polytunnel Kits

Our polytunnel kits are the perfect choice for growers looking to extend the growing season and protect plants from the elements. There is a range of different-width polytunnels for sale that will allow domestic gardeners to create an undercover growing area and produce more of their own, fresh food and beautiful plants. With a Five Star polytunnel kit, you will find it much easier to grow a wide range of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Those with allotments or commercial growers will also find that a Five Star polytunnel is excellent for boosting production. Polytunnels will offer protection and peace of mind in the inclement UK weather. Five Star Polytunnels uses Z35 tensile steel to manufacture its polytunnels offering a high-quality, long-lasting robust end product. Our ground tubes are made from double thick-walled heavy gauge steel, offering a longer life, rather than the inadequate option of using the same gauge steel for both hoops and ground tubes often found in inferior products. Our design allows the hoops to be ‘jacked’ after covering, providing a skin-tight finish that is essential to the longevity of your structure. Our smaller tunnels have 2 piece hoops, offering a stronger structure, without the need of any unnecessary additional bracing. Best of all if you reside in Wales, delivery is FREE! UK-wide delivery is also available for a delivery cost.

Choose your polytunnel width below, then choose the options to personalise.

  • 8ft (2.4m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £460.00

  • 10ft (3.1m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £460.00

  • 12ft (3.7m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £618.00

  • 14ft (4.3m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £709.00

  • 16ft (5.5m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £1413.00

  • 18ft (5.5m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £1413.00

  • 24ft (7.4m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £2407.00

  • 30ft (9.1m) Wide Polytunnel Kit

    Prices from £4669.00

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