Polytunnel Tape Instructions

Polythene Repair Tape

The polythene repair tape is clear, and colourless, and effectively repairs any split or tear in your cover.

The advantages are that the tape is polythene, so it is flexible and moves with your cover.

The tape has very aggressive glue which sticks well to the cover, as long as it is dry. There is a 150mm wide tape available which if you have a jagged tear will usually straddle both sides of the tear without having to use cross tapes to hold it together. The most popular tape is 75 mm and serves most purposes.

How to use:

  1. Make sure your cover is completely dry and free from dust or algae.
  2. Allow an extra inch of tape all around the tear or hole. Overlap each piece of tape by an inch or so if the tear or hole is larger than the tape width
  3. The tape is applied both inside and outside. The tape can be placed by one person, however if an awkward tear or position using two people is easier
  4. One person holds a board on the inside of the sheet and the other person applies the tape to the outside of the sheet. Roll the tape onto the cover with a wallpaper edge roller.
  5. Swap places and apply the tape to the inside of the cover.

Buy Polythene Repair Tape

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