Calculating your Polythene

Measure your polytunnel following our diagram and note down the measurements for A, B and C. Enter the information into our calculator and it will work out the size of sheet you will need in order to cover your structure.

*Please note that calculations include excess material for fixing etc. Rolls are sold in fixed widths which may result in excess material.

If in doubt, please call us on 01239 521 551!

Choose your polytunnel cover

Please find below a range of covers in fixed width rolls. Using the result from the calculator above find the nearest roll width you require. Please note that some covers have limited width rolls and may result in you having to choose a larger roll width resulting in excess material.

  • Sunmaster Diffused Polythene

    From £7.21 (per metre)

  • SteriLite SuperThermic

    From £8.59 (per metre)

  • SunSmart Green

    From £8.85 (per metre)

  • Stockmaster White

    From £8.90 (per metre)

  • SunMaster Cool

    From £9.18 (per metre)

  • SunMaster CrystalTherm

    From £9.65 (per metre)