Ground Tubes are not all created equal!

One of the most important considerations in constructing your polytunnel is how you will fasten it to the ground! Ground tubes are key to this.

Get it wrong and it might blow away.

That is why at Five Star we use ground tubes that are of a higher gauge than the hoops. This gives you greater rust resistance. Also the way we connect the hoops to the ground tubes means that you can adjust the polytunnel after it is constructed to get the optimum tension in your polythene.

Our method of placing a clamp on the ground tube, allowing your hoops to fit over your ground tube means that the initial groundworks are much easier. It is essential to get the ground tube upright but the actual height is not so important. a string line can be set after the ground tubes are concreted in and the clamps can be set level.

The end result is a better, longer-lasting polytunnel.

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