Superthermic Evolution Anti Condensation Polythene

Five Star Polytunnel with Superthermic Polythene

At Five Star Polytunnels we supply our polytunnels with a choice of Polythene from XL Horticulture. The most popular choice of polythene is the Sunmaster Superthermic Evo Anti Condensation 

This polythene has 8 layers of technology including a layer with evolution in Anti Condensation performance. This is now a layer within the polythene rather than the usual coating and is the best and longest lasting anti condensation system available. Others polythene films have a coating to prevent the condensation drips which lasts a season or two, but the anti condensation layer in the Sunmaster Superthermic polythene will last the life time of the polythene.

The polythene also has the highest level of frost protection available in a polytunnel film. SunMaster SuperThermic is the ONLY superthermic film on the market. There are others with a similar name but they do not offer similar thermal performance. If you are growing any crop in your Five Star polytunnel which needs any amount of reliable frost protection, then choose Sunmaster Superthermic.

Sunmaster Superthermic Polythene is the only polythene available on the market with an 8yr UV warranty and a life expectancy of 8 years +. Other polythene films on the market offer a maximum of 7 years UV warranty with the usual length of warranty being only 5 years.

All this is available without detriment to the light transmission which 90%, so this polythene along with all the other sunmaster polythene films in the range give you the advantages of growing indoors without losing the benefit of the outdoor sunlight.

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