Weather causes concern for Polytunnel Owners in Wales

The weather couldn’t get much worse, we are being subjected to high winds and lashing rain. The 24ft x 70ft polytunnel recently erected at Five Star Polytunnels is standing strong…..luckily. Some have not faired so well. Polythene repair tape is available for small repairs but the polythene needs to be completely dry for this to work. In the worse cases new covers are going to be needed. We have the complete range available, from Sunmaster Clear to  Sunmaster Superthermic, offering Anti Drip and Anti Fog properties, with 89% light transmission and unique heat retention by allowing the soil and contents of the tunnel to heat up during the day and then reflecting this retained heat back into the tunnel as the temperature drops at night. Please ring for quotes and friendly advice on 01239 851551, under the circumstances, we are answering calls all weekend. Remember to check with your insurance company, many offer cover for polytunnels.

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