Unique Drop Down Panels

Ventilation can be a problem , but not with a drop down panel. Chris at Five Star Polytunnels has been constructing and working in polytunnels for nearly twenty years and is able to share his experience of easy access and ventilation for your poly tunnel. We offer the standard 3ft hinged door and a standard 4ft hinged door and also the sliding door which although we sell, we do not recommend for many reasons. However, our unique idea of a drop down panel fitted to one side of your hinged door allows for permanent ventilation, a vital element of growing in a tunnel, without the doors being open. Open doors allow entry for children, chickens, rabbits and dogs and are also a liable for damage in high winds. The drop down panel will allow pollinators and nothing else and will not catch and damage in the wind. These panels can now be seen across Wales on many of the polytunnels that Chris has constructed over the last few years and we are now making them available as an optional extra when you order your tunnel. They can be made to fit any width of polytunnel and can be designed to exact individual needs and they can be different on each end. We can provide the panels as an optional extra so please ring us for a personal bespoke service 01239 851551.

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