Potted plants delight

Published On: October 4th, 2017By 1.4 min readCategories: News


Potted plants delight buyers that Mary, one of our customers,  is growing in her Nursery polytunnel in Pembrokeshire. Mary bought her first Five Star Polytunnel from us in October 2012, to start up a part time interest.

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Mary has increased her range by offering  a cut flower business this summer. We were very pleased to hear from her again after five years and to deliver a second polytunnel. The present one as you can see is full up. Both polytunnels are 14 feet width by 42 feet in length

Bookings for Wedding flowers in 2018 mean exciting times ahead. Do look out for Mary’s  Face book page Flowerbarn Pembrokeshire.  Mary also sells at local markets so you can meet her in person to choose your plants and get any advice, help and ideas



The first Five Star polytunnel kit was covered in  SunMaster Diffused polythene supplied by XL Horticulture in Devon. The second polytunnel was supplied with SunMaster SuperThermic, to help reduce frost in the winter by about 10 % to 15%, and reduce the heat in the summer by a similar amount




We supply six different widths and any length polytunnel kits, with a choice of accessories including Crop Bar Sets, Staging sets, and  four types of Timber doors. We supply Ground cover to suppress weeds, and Shade netting for outside shelter of plants. We also supply a wide range of polythene covers







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