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Five star Polytunnel Boat Workshop

Five Star Polytunnel

Five Star Polytunnel

Five Star Polytunnel 14ft x 24ft

Five Star Polytunnel

Five Star Polytunnels

Five Star Polytunnel

At Five Star polytunnels we endeavour to offer our product at affordable prices. We are lucky to be a small family run business with minimal overheads and we can therefore keep our prices as low as possible, making owning a polytunnel as viable as possible.

We are passionate about growing vegetables and have show tunnels full of growing produce for you to see if you are local. At Five Star Polytunnels you will deal directly with Chris or Caroline; who both know the product, they grow produce themselves in the tunnels and have spent 15 years installing and erecting tunnels before taking over the business of making tunnels.  At Five Star Polytunnels, we offer a first class service and think its more important to get as many people producing their own vegetables rather than concentrating on profit margins.

We have continued problem with keeping up with our competitors,  we want to keep our prices as low as we can but do not want our high end product to look ‘cheap’ in comparison.

The specification of our tunnels is, in many ways higher than our competitors, its always worth asking about the ground tubes, unique jacking systems, the timber supplied for door frames and base rails, how many pieces the hoops come in and whether the doors are ready made or in kit form.

We have a good stock of steel at the moment but our next order will be 20% more expensive. We are holding our current prices until 1st January, at this point we will have no choice but to reflect these costs and increase our prices.

Any orders taken before 31st December will be at the prices shown on our website.



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