New Tunnels at Four Seasons Nurseries

Chris has just finished constructing and covering two new tunnels for Huw at Four Seasons Nurseries in Tenby. These tunnels are 24ft x 91ft and have vented sides. Huw is going to start the new season by planting early potatoes in the new Five Star Polytunnels. As with all tunnels supplied by Five Star Polytunnels, these two have heavy duty ground tubes which insert inside the hoops which allows for extra polythene tensioning after the tunnel has been covered. These two tunnels have been covered with superthermic polythene, which although has a milky white appearance, has a light transmission of 89% and offers unique thermic properties within the five layer technology. Superthermic Polythene is one of the most popular for growing fruit vegetables and flowers because it has anti fog and anti drip properties, offers a 5 year UV warranty and has a life expectancy of 7 to 8 years.

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