Making polythene as ‘Green’ as possible at Five Star Polytunnels

At Five Star Polytunnels we work closely with X L Hortculture. All of our polythene is supplied by XL, the UK’s leading supplier of polythene.

We understand at Five Star Polytunnels that Polythene is not yet totally environmentally friendly and ‘Green’ but everything is done to make it as good as possible.

Thickness no longer accounts for strength. In fact the thinner the better, greater areas can now be covered using less polymers. Polythene is now only 150mu in thickness offering no less strength than previous polythene but meaning that more acres can be covered per tonne of polymer.

All of the polythene supplied is made from virgin polymers and is highly sought after by polythene recycling companies.

The polythene is made using carbon neutral energy, all the electricity used is either solar or wind generated.

Polythenes are now designed to last longer, some have been known to have lasted 13 years. We offer the full range of XL Polythenes for our tunnels from the latest technology in the anti drip Superthermic polythene to the Crystaltherm  clear polythene offering glass like properties.




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