Customer Polytunnel – K of St Dogmaels kit

five star polytunnels k s 10 x 25 1 diggerCustomer Polytunnel

K ordered from us in Mid May 2015 a 10 x 25 Five Star polytunnel kit using XL Horticulture SuperThermic Polythene. K also chose some extras, Crop Bar sets that  are on offer at 50% discount, and Standard doors that include free Door Frame timber for this width. We sent detailed polytunnel and polythene instructions by email and by Royal mail,  prior to our door to door delivery




K checked the contents against the Delivery Note. The site was levelled and K got all the tools to hand to start assembling the structure. The heavy duty Ground tubes were installed at five feet intervals, then the hoops, in two sections, were placed over the Ground tubes. The Diagonal braces were assembled, one for each cornfive star polytunnels k s 10 x 25 2 structureer, followed by the Ridge tube that assembles below the hoop so does not touch the polythene cover. The Crop Bar sets were assembled across the polytunnel width. The  Door Frame timbers were last, set as an H shape. The structure was fully tightened, double  checking by eye all was accurate, then each Ground tubes concreted in a few inches at the bottom.




A couple of weeks  later, as there were many showers during June, the Anti Hot Spot tape was place over each hoop. The polythene was unrolled, and two metres cut off for the doors. The polythene was then assembled over the structure into the trench dug earlier, and fixed  firmly around the structure. Finally the doors were covered by the polythene and  installed

five star polytunnels k s 10 x 25 3 polythene








five star polytunnels k s 10 x 25 5 crops





Mid July and the crops are flourishing. K can enjoy the polytunnel well sheltered from the heavy rain and sea breezes

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