Working together – bees and wild life

Working together – bees and wild life

We continue to encourage insects especially bees and wild life in the polytunnels, and outside. There are raised beds for perennials and shrubs, herbs and ground cover. The orchard includes soft fruit trees with hedging of raspberries. The woodland area includes cotoneaster. We saw bees in early May this year. Hazel, Alder and Birch are a few of the trees that share the woodland area with a mixture of  fruit trees

Below is a list of some of the plants we have chosen to benefit the wild life around us, and ourselves, for productive crops. The list gives the name and their flowering season

five star polytunnel polythene kiwi fruit flowerChives – May to July
Crab Apple – Spring
Cranesbill May – September
Catmint – June – September
Fuchsias – June – August
Geum May–September
Hazel – March to May
Ice Plant – May to September
Lavender – May – August

Maple – Spring
five star polytunnels marigolds tomatoes and lavenderMarigolds – May to September
Michaelmas daisy – August – October
Mountain Ash – Spring
Raspberry – May – July
Red Poppies – May – July
Rosemary – April-June
Sage – May – August
Tree Mallow August – September
Victoria Plum – Spring and Summer


Five Star Polytunnels working together with bees and other wild life


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