Hobby polytunnel

Hobby polytunnel 10 feet width  x 25  feet length with Crop bar sets and doors each end for Karen of St Dogmaels







The polytunnel kit was assembled easily in a couple of days. This including use of the tractor for preparing the ground, and digging the trench to take the polythene. The next steps were to assemble the polytunnel structure, quite repetitive. Finally  the tape was put on the hoops, and the polythene cover attached. A cup of afternoon tea, before  laying out the inside with central path and the beds, to Karen’s design






Karen followed our step by step detailed written instructions. The documents are supplied prior to delivery of a polytunnel kit. Karen was able to prepare the ground, assemble the high tensile steel structure, get the polythene tight over the kit, and finally connect the doors each width end

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