High Quality at Five Star Polytunnels

Published On: October 11th, 2021By 1.7 min readCategories: News

At Five Star polytunnels, we use Z35 High tensile fully galvanised steel for the hoops and bracing on our tunnels, this is not unusual, you will find that most polytunnel manufacturers are using the same. (don’t get caught out by the polytunnels with the zip covers, these are not made of high tensile steel, are not as strong and do not come with ground tubes)

Its the additional bits, that make the difference to your finished tunnel

At Five Star polytunnels we provide ground tubes made from steel twice as thick as the hoops. Well why not? This is the only bit of your tunnel that is in contact with the ground. Our ground tubes are designed to fit up inside your hoop allowing for a unique jacking system, ensuring the polythene can be fitted drum tight. This ensures that the polythene is not moving against the hoops.

At Five Star Polytunnels we sell our tunnels with Superthermic EVO AC polythene, with an 8yr UV warranty and a built in layer preventing condensation, not just a coating which only lasts a couple of years. This polythene has 8 layers of nano technology, its no longer how thick the polythene is, or how strong it is, its a specifically designed product, which is diffusing the light spectrum, offering thermic properties, anti condensation and a perfect growing environment.

Our smaller tunnels all come with 2 piece hoops, this provides a stronger structure, we do not believe that cutting the hoops into 4 pieces to aid cheap carriage costs is beneficial, We need our tunnels to be as strong as possible, especially in the windier situations we find ourselves confronted with.

Our timber base rail, is top spec. 4″ x 2″ timber with 2″ x 1″ battens for rolling the polythene. Our door frame timber is not the usual 2″ x 3″ but stronger 3″ x 3″.

It is not always easy to the specifications of the polytunnel kits on the websites so its always worth phoning to ask what is really on offer.


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