Ground Tube Confusion

When you are buying a polytunnel online its impossible to really know what you are getting without scrutinising the specification. What is a ground tube? The ground tubes are the foundation for your tunnel. They are concreted into the ground and fix onto your tunnel hoop and this is where the discrepancy begins. At Five Star Polytunnnels, we believe that the ground tubes need to be made from thicker steel than the hoop. After all they are in contact with more water than the hoop and need to withstand a higher chance of rusting. There is little point of the hoops outlasting the ground tubes! We also believe that its essential to have the option of ‘jacking’ your hoops at the end. On our tunnels this is created by the hoop sliding over the top of the ground tube and sitting onto a clip, which can be loosened and lifted, pushing the hoop up to tighten  polythene even more. This creates a drum like finish which prolongs the life of your polythene. There is the option with some designs of sliding the hoop inside the ground tube, this gives the jacking option but leaves the hoop sitting in water permanently as condensation collects inside the ground tube. Chris has been replacing, building and recovering polytunnels for nearly 20 years and has probably come across and overcome many of the ‘polytunnel’ problems and we firmly believe that the Five Star Polytunnels are meeting all the criteria, whilst offering very competitive prices.

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