Five Star Polytunnels offers Upgrade to Sunmaster Crystal Therm Polythene on polytunnels

Ask about the new 7 layer polythene for your tunnel. Five Star polytunnels is able to quote for the first horticultural film in the world to be made from seven layers which incorporates a new anti drip system which considerably outlasts any previous conventional systems. Its new ultra smooth external face repels dirt and delays the onset of algae. It is immensely strong with the clarity similar to glass making it perfect for all growers who require maximum light. Its comes in at a price slightly more expensive than the Sunmaster Superthermic polythene, but is well worth the investment, offering a 6 year UV guaranteed life with a life expectancy of up to10 years.  Offering 92% light transmission, diffusion of light and anti mist and anti drip properties this polythene is well worth consideration. Phone five star polytunnels for the latest prices on our tunnels to include new Sunmaster Crystal Therm polythene.


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