Commercial Polytunnel for Yasmin’s

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In November 2014 Chef Shaish Alam, of Yasmin’s Indian restaurant in Newcastle Emlyn, Mid West Wales, won an award for the no 1 in Wales. This year Shaish and Yasmin’s  have  won another award.
yasmines polytunnel 18 x 63 aug 2015 (11)In early March 2015 Shaish bought from Five Star polytunnels an 18 feet width x 63 feet length polytunnel kit to realize his dream of growing, harvesting and supplying fresh crops directly from his vegetable garden to customers at Yasmin’s. Shaish chose Five Star polytunnels based on recommendation, discussing his requirements with us in detail  confident we understood his needs, and seeing the excellent  quality of the  polytunnel products  at our work place.
yasmins polytunnel 18 x 63 aug 2015 (10)

The ground chosen, close to the restaurant, was very hard, full of small rocks and stones. It was prepared and ready for the next phase by the end of March. The second and third week in April saw the outside area being landscaped for herbs and vegetable crops. The polytunnel was assembled. Many tons of organic compost, and quality top soil from a local friendly farmer, were worked into the raised beds inside the polytunnel, and the landscaped areas outside.



yasmines polytunnel 18 x 63 aug 2015 (23)The raised beds were created along both lengths and the centre of the polytunnel. From the end of April to the beginning of May hundreds of crops were planted, with the menu for Jasmin’s especially in mind. The first week in June saw some fruit crops. By the end of June Yasmin’s were serving their own grown red spinach, different kind of lettuce, coriander, cucumbers and different edible flowers



yasmins polytunnel 18 x 63 aug 2015 (31)During the first week in August the irrigation system was installed, with six main taps and a pump in the river Teifi. This local river water is naturally irrigating the polytunnel and the vegetable gardens.
Shaish together with his family and staff are very excited and so pleased being able to offer many different dishes hot, medium or mild. A personal dream finally realized, and happily shared with all of Yasmin’s restaurant customers as well as Five Star polytunnels

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