Autumn Jobs sowing harvesting storing

five-star-polytunnels-sow-harvest-grow-autumnAutumn is a time for sowing seeds that will slowly develop their root system  in the cold earth and start to appear in the Spring.We have planted Broad Beans Evans de Monica, and an annual flower Godetia for a vibrant colour in early Summer

Plant mint in your polytunnel or in a pot for your window cill, fragrant and useful too. Remember the Pineapple mint is just for show. It is also a time to harvest the grapes. We have a dessert variety Boskoop Glory, and a wine grape Black Hamburg delicious with blue cheese.

five-star-polytunnels-sow-harvest-carrots-store-autumnWe leave the Bishop of Llandaff dahlia tubers in the soil in the polytunnel. We usually freeze the root vegetables such as carrots, swedes, parsnips. You can however put  the vegetables in a plastic bag of dry compost, pierce the bag so a few holes, and store in a dry place


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