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Five Star Animal Shelter

Five Star Polytunnel Sheep Shelter

A top quality Five Star Polytunnel can be used and adapted as an animal shelter. Our premier tunnels can be  provided with Smart Green Polythene. This polythene has a 5 year UV warranty with a life expectancy of 7 to 8 years. This polythene has been developed for growers of shade loving plants so offers a reduced light transmission of 68% keeping the whole tunnel much cooler, ideal for animals. Unlike other polythenes available for animal shelters this polythene allows natural sunlight and moon light through which not only decreases the need for costly artificial lighting but benefits the animals as they remain in their natural circadian rhythm.

Here at Five Star Polytunnels we notice that farmers are very good at leaving the purchase of a animal tunnel until the last minute, only to be disappointed because we cannot supply a tunnel soon enough. In the first instance, come and see us now, take a look at the tunnels and the advantages of lambing undercover, then as you run your ram with your ewes, place your order and give us plenty of time make and deliver.

We have have seen over the last 5 years that the weather is becoming increasingly wet and windy, not ideal for lambs in the field. Buying a Five Star Polytunnel will protect the ewes and lambs and provide a much more pleasant undercover working area. We have tunnels all over the United KIngdom in some of the windiest spots, for example the cliff at St Davids, Fife in Scotland, and the west coast of Anglesey.  Give us a call now and be ready for next year.

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