Animal Shelters from Five Star Polytunnels

Published On: June 18th, 2020By 1.1 min readCategories: News

Five Star polytunnels offer the full range of animal shelter tunnels. Basically any of our top quality tunnels can be made into an animal shelter tunnel but in general, the widths are 18ft, 24ft and 30ft. The animal shelters can be any length required to allow sufficient space for the animals in accordance with animal welfare regulations. We are able to offer extended sides, if extra height is required. The polythene generally offered with the animal shelters is XL Smart Green polythene which provides 68% shading for the animals whilst still allowing natural sun and moonlight through. The animals prefer this contact with the natural light and seem to thrive better than under the black out polythene. Some farmers opt for a polythene more suitable to growing as this allows use of the tunnel during the summer months for growing fruit and vegetables. Now is a good time to consider your animal shelter from Five Star Polytunnels for next spring, allowing us plenty of time to discuss your options.


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