Roast Rice stuffed peppers

five star polytunnels under cover recipes courgettesRoast Rice Stuffed Peppers
Serve as a starter or a main meal

Pre heat the oven to 200 C / Gas 6. Grease a baking dish to take 6 peppers. Cook 8 oz of risotto rice, drain and leave to cool in a large mixing bowl. In the mean time grate 2 courgettes, 8 oz of carrot, and 4 oz of hard cheese. Wash then wipe carefully 6 red or yellow peppers, cut each top off and de-seed and de-pith the insides. Chop finely a tablespoon each of fresh parsley, and dill. Beat an egg in a bowl. Mix together 1 Tablespoon of plain flour with a quarter tea spoon of rock salt and ground black pepper in a bowl.

Now stir in together with the rice, the grated courgettes, cheese, and carrot, add 4 ounces of fresh peas, the herbs, and the beaten egg. Finally add the mix of flour and seasoning, and stir well again.

Divide the stuffing into 6 and fill each pepper, add the top lid. Put each one in tin foil, just the bottom half so stays upright and gets roasted, as will soften as cooking. Place in the oven middle shelf and roast for about 25 minutes. Remove carefully from the dish, serve with sprigs of parsley

Serve with a Green salad

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