Crops bars in a Five Star Polytunnel

We often get asked “why do I need crop bars?” At five star polytunnels, our crop bars are an optional extra and they can be placed across all internal hoops. Although an added cost at the time of purchase they are quite difficult to add at a later date once the cover has been pulled into place. Crop bars are not added stability to the polytunnel, our tunnels at five star polytunnels are designed to be used with or without. Unlike other tunnel manufacturers, our hoops on our 10ft, 12ft and 14ft tunnels are in 2 pieces and require no extra bracing, however we do recommend crop bars. The pictures show how by using string on pegs along the ground, the climbing crops can be grown up strings which are either tied directly to the crop bars or onto further string run across the crop bars. The worse thing you can do is take canes into your polytunnel. It is so easy to lose concentration and swing round and poke a hole in the polythene!!! Crop bars also have the strength to hold the weight of hanging baskets, or gutters growing strawberry plants or trailing tomatoes which need to be kept away from slugs. Crop bars can also be used for overhead irrigation systems and shading net or material for delicate crops.


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