Crop Bars available at Five Star Polytunnels

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Crop Bars in a Five Star Polytunnel


We often get asked at Five Star Polytunnels whether or not you need crop bars. If it is your first tunnel, it is a very good question. Our answer to this question is nearly always yes.

The crop bars are fitted above head height and are attached to the hoop on both sides of the polytunnel with one or two central supports, depending on the size of the tunnel.

Once the tunnel is covered, (hopefully drum tight) you will not be able to get the p clips on, these are the clips that hold the crop bars to the hoops. The polythene that we recommend at Five Star Polytunnels comes with an 8yr UV warranty, we are suggesting that you will get at least 10 years out of your first cover (providing it’s in place correctly…. however, no guarantees), so you may not be in the position to add crop bars for a long time.

Crop bars are not needed for strengthening the tunnel, but will, if they are in place, they are mainly very useful for growing crops that need training up; tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, sweet peas. We would recommend training crops up strings and never taking canes into your tunnel. They are also useful for hanging things to grow down, Strawberries, in particular.

Crop bars vary in price according to the size of the tunnel and we recommend them on all internal hoops. If you are choosing a tunnel with 8 hoops, you can have 6 Crop Bars.

Ask about crop bars when you are ordering your tunnel




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