Raspberry Sundae recipe

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five star raspberries in orchardRaspberry Sundae recipe
Serves 4

150 ml Double cream
150 g Fromage Frais
2 Tablespoons of Clear Honey
400 g Fresh Raspberries
4 teaspoons of Almond Flakes

Place the double cream and Fromage Frais into a bowl and beat well. Add the honey and beat well again.

Use clear glass dishes for the best effect. Save about 8 raspberries for the final topping.

Start with the raspberries and place a layer in each dish, then a layer of cream mixture then raspberries, ending up with the cream.

Now sprinkle almond flakes on each dish, and then top with a couple of raspberries

Serve at once

Use finely crumbled digestive biscuits instead of almond flakes or as a layer
Eat with thin sponge finger biscuits
Add a couple of teaspoons of your favourite liqueur, for example Coffee or Crème de Menthe, after adding the honey

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