Superthermic Evolution of Anti Condensation EVO AC – 8 year Guarantee UVPolythene

EVO 7566 AC-180mic

Superthermic EvoAC 2020

At Five Star Polytunnels, we proud to be one of the first Polytunnel tunnel manufacturers to offer our tunnels with the newly launched Superthermic EVO AC Polythene.

This new Superthermic EVO AC polythene, supplied by X L Horticulture; one of leading polythene suppliers in the UK comes with an 8 year Ultra Violet (UV) guarantee. This is the only polythene available with an 8 year UV guarantee.

Not only does it offer a 8 year UV guarantee, but within its 8 nano layers it offers, anti drip and anti fog properties, properties to diffuse the light spectrum and thermic properties offering an extra 2 degrees of warmth ensuring this is one of the best polythene’s on the market for frost prevention.

It comes in 4 different widths which means we have can offer it on all our full range of tunnels for growing, both commercial and for those wanting to benefit from the new technology in their back garden.

At Five Star Polytunnels we are excited to sell our high quality tunnels with this new Superthermic polythene with an 8 year UV Guarantee. It will mean that our customers will benefit from a longer lasting cover ensuring that they are cutting down on re-cladding costs in the future.

As with all of our polythene products, you don’t need to buy a new tunnel to benefit. This new polythene with its 8 year UV Guarantee is available to order delivered to your door for recovering your current polytunnel when it needs it.

Please ring Caroline or Chris on 01239 851551 for more information or click on the above links.



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