Premier Vegetables at Five Star Polytunnels in Wales

First Class vegetables at Five Star Polytunnels

Premier Veg at Five Star Polytunnels

Premier Veg at Five Star Polytunnels

Five Star tomatoes in a Five Star Polytunnel

First Class Premier Courgettes

Courgettes Galore at Five Star Polytunnels

The tomatoes and courgettes are ready in our polytunnel. We are selling our surplus, so if you are local, call by and see what we have got. Everything is grown, organically. We are supporting all forms of wildlife, the pond, which we was dug last year, has frogs and newts, pond skaters and diving beetles. The bees are excelling, enjoying the wild flowers in the uncut meadow. We have butterflies, insects, swallows and  bats. We haven’t cut our field, we can hear crickets and grasshoppers, we have beetles and bugs. We are trying to be as eco friendly as possible by supporting local businesses. We have bought the organic seed, mostly from The Real Seed Company in Wales, and sown them in Martin’s organic peat free worm cast compost (based in Rhydlewis). The soil conditioner, is plant waste only, processed near Cardigan. The tomatoes and courgettes are inside our polytunnel grown under Superthermic Polythene, the rest of our first class vegetables are outside in our vegetable patch. Out here we have, cabbages, brussels, swede and kale for later cropping and runner beans, beetroot, peas, and broad beans well on their way. The spinach is ready for picking! Please come and see us, check out our cloches, check out the rabbit prevention “fence”. We have lots of experience of growing vegetable in West Wales.  See how it’s done: produce good food in a good environment.

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