Potager Seed Beds Polytunnel

The Potager Seed Beds for our fourteen feet by thirty six feet polytunnel have now been marked out. Nearly all the edging boards are in position. The central beds have a mixture of well rotted cattle manure, top soil and a variety of composts

Along three of the five side bays of the western length we have sown Pak Choi, Godetia, and Kale Nero de Toscana. There are  Perennial herbs in both  corner areas. The far corner  now includes Tansy, Pineapple Mint, Thyme and Calendula. Along the five side bays of the eastern length we have sown Spinach Missouri F1, Lettuce Winter Density, Radishes, and Broad Beans Evans de Monica

Watch this space for the next stage of planting!five-star-polytunnels-potager-fb3rd3-nearly-done


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