Bark Lampeter Tree Services

Lampeter Tree Services provided  five loads of shredded bark and branches for mulch and only asked for one load! This will cover the paths and beds of the small polytunnel, and all the beds and pots  in the large polytunnel.

In the orchard, the roots of the plum, pear, and apple trees, and the blackberry, blackcurrants, gooseberries, and raspberries bushes will be covered. For the four raised beds in the herbaceous border section all the area will be covered over. There will still be mulch left for Springtime. Am starting now as already had a flurry of snow!

The best time to mulch is in late Winter or early Spring. The  moisture will be trapped in from wet weather in the Winter. In the Summer heat the mulch helps to stop the beds drying out too quickly. Mulch provides the plants with nutrients, can form a barrier against weeds, and help keep warm roots of plants from the winter cold.

Many different materials can be used for mulch including manure; crushed sea shells; shredded bark, leaves,  and branches; egg shells; bark chippings; leaf mould; chopped sea weed



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