Maintaining Our Prices at Five Star Polytunnels

We have been really lucky that we are a family run, home based business and we have been able to continue production with no extra costs during the whole of the lockdown period. No staff on furlough, no sickness and a continued supply of raw materials. We have seen no major increases (yet) in our raw materials and therefore we see no reason to have to increase our prices.

We wish to continue to supply our high quality product at an affordable price to encourage everyone to ‘grow their own’.

Our polythene covers are supplied by one of the biggest importers in the country and we can offer polythene with thicknesses of 150 microns and 180 microns, although the thickness is not necessarily key. Ask us about the anti drip, anti fog, thermic and light diffusing properties! Lots of these added scientific additions come on the thinner polythene!

Check out the ground tubes, we make our ground tubes from 3mm walled steel. Twice the thickness of the hoop steel. Well why not, after all this is the foundation of your tunnel and sits in the ground, in the wet.

Please ring us, between us, we have years of experience, growing, constructing and making polytunnels. You will always speak to either Chris or Caroline who are able to answer all of your questions.

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