Livestock housing polytunnel kit

Published On: September 27th, 2017By 1.1 min readCategories: News

A Livestock housing  polytunnel kit was bought by Ceris in Brechfa for her flock of lambs and ewes earlier this year. Check our excellent design at giving  detailed descriptions and photographs.

We offer several choices of polythene, and a choice of green or white side netting for shade and ventilation. Our animal housing polytunnel kits all include Ridge Wind Bracing and Snow / Storm bars as the standard. Special corner Mid rail brackets and corner Base rail brackets are also included as part of the product.


livestock kit diagramCeris asked us to supply accessories including Anchor plates for the corner ground tubes, and all the timber and batten for the Door Frame, Mid rails, and Base rails

Ceris chose Smart Green Polythene for her main film cover and Green Shade side vent netting

Currently the Polytunnel is being used for separating the lambs from the ewes while weaning them off their  mothers milk,  keeping the farm machinery dry, and preparing an area for growing root vegetables later in the year


Livestock 18 x 56livestock summer onions winterLivetsock sorting lambs and ewes

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