Horticulture polytunnels dahlias

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Horticulture polytunnels for Mark, an expert dahlia grower, enthusiast and exhibitor.   Two polytunnel kits, each  24 feet width and 42 feet length, were assembled by Mark over a period of a couple of months at evenings and weekends. Time was not on Mark’s side as he needed to grow many dahlias, ready for showing and for displays










Mark purchased a three year old Five Star Polytunnel kit for his dahlia horticulture.  The structure was originally 24 feet width by 91 feet in length. Mark bought the polytunnel kit from a customer who was moving so would have no room  for her polytunnel. Mark  visited our premises in Lampeter Mid West Wales and purchased more fixings as he needed  to use the Timber Base rail system to trap the polythene and the shade netting. Look on our web site to find details of the range of polytunnels kits we manufacture, together with accessories such as Crop Bar sets, Base Rails sets, choice of green or white shade netting, and several choices of polythene








Mark steadily followed our instructions, making sure the measurements for the Ground tubes were correct at the start of assembly. He had to build the kits around the positions he had marked out for the dahlias. Some of the dahlias were in flower by the time he had finished.

The three varieties we grew this year in our 18 x 63 polytunnel on site, supplied by  Mark, were:-

Gateshead Festival – Has pale peach petals in a semi cactus shape, excellent for cutting and exhibiting

Oatwood Goldcrest, – Another semi cactus flower head with bright yellow spiky blooms, grow in full sun

Bluenlen Kristabel – A brilliant pink dahlia with single petals and very easy to grow

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