Happy Lambs in a Five Star Polytunnel animal shelter

We manufacture polytunnels for animal shelters at Five Star Polytunnels. Five star Polytunnel animal shelters are made from the same high tensile steel as the polytunnels we sell for growing. They come with a side and base rail so net can be fitted along the length, allowing maximum airflow for the animals. Mostly the animal shelter tunnels are sold for sheep and lamb housing but we have also provided our tunnels for calves and poultry. Our ground tubes are made from thicker steel than the hoops, meaning they will last for many years ( up to 20) in the concrete foundation. The ground tubes are designed to slip up inside the hoops. This offers a unique tensioning system, allowing the polythene to be further tensioned after completion, a drum-like cover will last much longer.  A variety of covers can be supplied but the most popular is Smart Green, which offers 68% shading for the animals. A polytunnel provides one of the cheapest ways of providing shelter and in most cases will not require planning permission. With our comprehensive instructions, or help from a recommended team your polytunnel could be up and ready to go in a matter of a weeks.


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