Five Star Polytunnels explains Polythene Thickness

At Five Star Polytunnels we receive lots of enquiries about the thickness of the polythene. It is a common misconception that the thicker the polythene is the stronger it will be. This isn’t always the case. The key is actually to get your polythene on as tight as you possibly can. The unique ground tube system on a five Star Polytunnel allows the hoop to be jacked up after covering,  and the polythene fixing method of rolling the polythene onto batten around the door frame ensures a drum tight finish. We supply 3″ x 3″ door frame timber as a standard part of the kit so the polythene can be pulled really tight without bowing the door frame.

The polythene on our tunnels is supplied by X L Horticulture. (

X L Horticulture are UK’s leading supplier of polythene. We are able to offer polythene 150 microns thick or 180 microns thick but its not necessarily the thickness that matters.

Please ask about the anti drip, anti fog, UV guarantees of up to 6 years, light diffusing properties, light spectrum (UV) properties, light transmission and disease control which are far more important than the thickness.

We have available

Sunmaster Clear, Sunmaster diffused, Sterilite, Sunmaster Crystaltherm with a brand new Superthermic polythene being introduced soon. This is being developed by XL horticulture with the factory and will be the first 7 layer polythene.  At Five Star Polytunnels we are looking forward to receiving news about its arrival with its exact specifications.


Please feel free to ring us so we can answer your questions about the different polythene which might suit you.

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