Animal shelters at Five Star Polytunnels

Five star Polytunnel Adapted Sides

We have just experienced a very good spring for lambing, there was no Beast from the East this year! Although April has been colder than average the early warmth of late February and early March has meant a much easier time compared with last year. Can this happen 2 years in a row? Will next year bring the same guarantees for farmers. At Five Star Polytunnels, based in West Wales, we offer a bespoke service on all of our tunnels, including the Animal Shelter range. We can talk about adapting the sides for extra height,  altering side ventilation, adapting door frames to suit personal needs. This all takes time, why not come to see us this summer and ask us for details. Our animal shelters can be supplied with or without timber, allowing flexibility in the price if you have a local timber merchant. The animal shelters can be provided with Smart Green polythene, offering 68% shading or you can opt for a polythene designed for growing so the tunnel can be dual purpose. There are many examples now constructed around Wales and we are happy to arrange for you to view one in action, or we have a similar structure here on site in Glynarthen, being used as a workshop extension. Our animal shelters can be 18ft, 24ft and 30ft wide, we have an 18ft and 24ft polytunnel here on site and 1 constructed 30ft hoop, to show size and quality.

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