Animal Shelters from Five Star Polytunnels offer perfect balance between shade and natural light

Published On: October 7th, 2019By 1.3 min readCategories: News

Now is the perfect time to consider the welfare of your lambing ewes. At Five Star Polytunnels in Wales, we make high quality polytunnels which are adapted to offer the perfect balance between natural light and shading for the animals. The kit comes with Smart Green Polythene offering 68% shading which still allows for natural light, meaning no day time artificial lighting is needed. With netted sides and a wide opening front and back there is plenty of air movement to prevent over heating. We offer the complete service. Your polytunnel will be made by the same person who delivers your tunnel. You will only speak to either Chris or Caroline to complete your sale, from your first telephone call to delivery. Some limits apply depending on distance, but we have just done a delivery to Somerset to we do our best to see our polytunnels delivered safely to site, avoiding damage or loss by using external couriers. For those customers who are more local, we have a tunnel covered here with Smart Green Polythene so you can come and see the benefits of natural light v shading. Last year we had orders being placed 3 weeks before lambing! Don’t wait, plan ahead. Give us a call for a quote and be ready in plenty of time.

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