Animal shelters at Five Star Polytunnels

At Five Star Polytunnels we make our animal shelters to the highest standard. Our timber side rails are made from 4″ x 2″ treated timber, ensuring uniform strength right round the tunnel. The door Frame timbers are 4″ x 3″. The steel is high tensile and galvanised. Our ground tubes are thicker still. Our unique design of ground tube allows for extra tensioning after the polythene has been fitted. The pictures here show that there is no limit to the size of an animal shelter. This tunnel is our 30ft wide tunnel, manufactured to be 160ft long. This tunnel has been adapted with higher side rails to allow the calves to have access to the outside. Our tunnels are provided with Smart Green polythene, which provides 68% shading but also offers natural light. The animals are happy in this environment, they can be dry whilst still appreciating natural light which is better for their overall wellbeing. A Five Star Polytunnel is the cheapest way to cover a large square footage and get animals undercover. We make and deliver our own tunnels right across Wales and into borders of England,  we offer a personal service, have many years experience, making and erecting tunnels. Phone now for a quote, don’t leave it until two weeks before lambing!

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