Animal Shelters at Five Star Polytunnels

There are choices of polythene for an animal shelter made by Five Star Polytunnels but the most popular is the Smart Green Polythene made and supplied by XL Horticulture, the biggest importer of polythene into the UK.

Unlike other polythene available for animal shelters; which cut out all natural light and require expensive artificial lighting to be used at all times, the Smart Green polythene allows sunlight and moonlight into the tunnel. It is designed to offer 68% shading, keeping the tunnel cooler but offering the animals the chance to keep with their natural circadian rhythms. This ensures healthier happier animals.

The animal shelters made by Five Star Polytunnels offer a full range of sizes and competitive prices. Please ring us for a price on any sizes not mentioned on the website.

Five Star Polytunnel Calf Tunnel

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