Guide: Polytunnel Description

Vegetables grown in Five Star Polytunnel Oct Nov 2012 05A polytunnel is a wind shelter that protects your crops as a glass house would, using special horticultural polythene instead of glass. This means that a polytunnel is far cheaper to buy per square metre, and the protective cover is safer. Polytunnels offer numerous advantages, including higher temperature with humidity internally. This encourages growth, and externally protects the crops from harsh weather.

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Benefits of Polytunnels for Crops – Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs:

Excellent Value – You will get your money back after two to three seasons as crops are so prolific and the seasons are extended. Soft fruit such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries can be grown for most of the year, as can many other crops.

five star polytunnels under cover recipes live stock bullWeather Protection – Have fun as a grower in a pleasant working environment trying varieties of crops that would normally not succeed or flourish outside

Animal Protection – Polytunnels can be closed both ends, keeping out animals such as deer, rabbits, dogs, cats and birds. You can also protect animals inside your polytunnel over winter

Control Disease – The controlled atmosphere means that your plants can be better protected from disease such as botrytis and mildew. Soil born pests may be identified and dealt with.

five star polytunnel with crops in july

Food production – Better crop yield, ease of supply, and year round food production means more food, whether you’re selling, eating, or both

Better for the Environment – Reduce your food waste, reduce your mileage, and know exactly where your food has come from, your own polytunnel

Nutritional Benefits – You are able to pick crops straight from your polytunnel, then prepare and enjoy a delicious meal using vegetables and fruits you raised

Click here for our Polytunnel kits or for our Live stock polytunnel kits